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fuck rwj

got nothing against shaycarl he was just fucking around with a camera and got lucky i guess i dont like the what the buck show and the guy gets fucking annoying a lot of the time but he worked for it you know its RWJ that i fucking hate stealing other peoples content and being like HUR HUR im so damn funny when really its just a bunch of kids laughing at women falling on their asses and sexist jokes yeah thats fucking hilarious isnt it if this comment didnt make sense overall its because im still pissed from new years last night but basically what im trying to say is fucking RWJ up the ass with a rusty fucking fork

Autonomous Propagandist 1

the kid below me must have some health issues ... getting tired from watching a video?! damn ... personally i loved it trippy as hell just as a music video should be

phantomZ responds:

Thank you

proper technology use

people are so hard to please nowadays >.o it gave me a laugh what more can i ask for its better then ive ever done

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love it

fucking genius


i think your numbers thing is broken its prime numbers right? thats why it has prime written on it? anyway i tried it and it didnt unlock it so yeh know did you even test this thing?


a fun platformer with stylish presentation funky in game music and a massive collection of death spikes what more could you ask for

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The Robot Future

I love this dude what did you make it in?

janiev responds:

Hey, Thanks for the review :)
I made it with Reason 4.0.


THIS is why i come to newgrounds for background music whilst i play games epic stuff dude i loved it

Orchestral Theme 1

Sounds like something from Gears of War, i love it. At first i was like hmmm not that great but now that ive listened to it a bit more this needs to be in some kind of action game its just soooooooo epic this is going straight into my faviroute songs along with nucleur mission jam from HL2

Gravey responds:

I've been getting a few Gears of War comparisons, and that is lofty praise indeed. So thank you very much. Definitely helps to keep me motivated to say the least. :-)


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Last Dinosaur

wow what a great concept i love it

crash426mnb responds:

glad you like it. free flow ideas of pop and colour turn out better than pre planned pre made ideas you spend 8 years on.


i love the colours the black on the green looks fantastic and bold not sure about the the eye though something about it seems out of place? maybe thats what you were going for i dont know but other then that i love it

SilentProtag responds:

Yeah the eye was supposed to get a water color wash over it to recede it into the background a bit more. I didn't get a chance to finish it because I did all of the final painting/drawing 3 hours before class hahaha


i dont really know how to write a detailed review of a piece of art but all i wanted to say is that i love it and i love the way you did the hair its amazing

471472 responds:

Thanks and I am glad you felt that you needed to comment. :D

My name is mat i spend alot of time on my computer it gives me something to do some peoples say i have no life but i dunnoooo newgrounds is a pretty good life


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